important information on your upcoming relocation

Step 1: Meet Rebekah, Your Move Coordinator

Your move has been scheduled, and we’re looking forward to helping you with this exciting new chapter! Take a quick minute to watch this video, below, and meet Rebekah, your personal Move Coordinator. She has some important information about your upcoming relocation that you don’t want to miss.  

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Home survey and why it matters

Step 2: The Home Survey + Why It Matters

Scheduling a survey of your home is essential as we look at the amount of items you’ll be moving, along with noting any items of exceptional size or sentimental value that need to be handled with extra care. This one-minute video talks about what the process looks like and why it’s so important.  

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Shipping household goods FYI

Step 3: Preparing for the Movers

Your packing day is a week away, and there are important details you need to know before our movers arrive on your doorstep. For example, if you’ve started to pack up boxes, STOP! That’s something that our movers will do for you, but you’ll need to watch this video to find out more (below). Less…

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Your household goods shipment is on its way!

Step 4: Tracking Your Shipment

You keep hearing about a “delivery spread,” but what does that mean? This video is less than a minute (below) and walks you through important information on how to track your shipment and when to be ready for it. Remember, we do our best to keep you as informed as possible along the way!

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Day before delivery of household goods for relocation

Step 5: Day Before Delivery

Delivery Day is tomorrow, and there are a few things you need to know about to be ready. In fact, the sooner you can watch this video (below), the better. We cover responsibilities and expectations, along with an additional service you may want to take advantage of. Reach out if you need anything – we’re…

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satisfied with your corporate relocation

Step 6: It’s a Wrap

There’s just one more step to wrap up your relocation, and you play a major role! We need to hear from you about your experience. The video, below, is less than one minute long but gives important info as our process comes to an end. Please know we are honored to have supported you in…

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